Successful Restaurateurs Open Alberello in Veranda

01/26/21 05:13 AM By developer2

Brendan and Leslie Cox love Chatham County. Pittsboro is their home and their community. So, it made good sense to open Alberello Café & Market in the northern section of the county, an area with focused residential growth, but limited commercial development. The Cox’s wanted to offer Chatham County residents the opportunity to have good food options near home.

Brendan and Leslie, a Sanford native, met in Washington, DC and married in 2001. After kids arrived, Brendan and Leslie landed in Pittsboro to be closer to the grandparents. Their children—Catie (13), Charlotte (11) and Evan (10)—are true restaurant kids, having grown up at Oakleaf, Brendan and Leslie’s first independent restaurant. Leslie reports they are finally getting old enough to help out!

Brendan and Leslie created their first restaurant, the well-known Oakleaf in Chatham Mill, for themselves—they wanted a restaurant that they, as adults, could dine that served local, seasonal fare and choice wine and cocktails, both delivered with superior, but unpretentious service.

Therefore, Brendan and Leslie opened Alberello for their family and other families in the community. With modern families filling afternoons with homework, athletics or errands, it can prove challenging to plan a home-cooked meal every night. But the options for a healthy alternative in northern Chatham County are limited. They opened Alberello to offer that alternative. Their food is always made fresh, with no frozen or processed ingredients.

A fast, casual restaurant concept, Alberello includes three distinct areas: a traditional Italian market offering grocery and retail items, a casual dining area which seats 38, and a relaxed patio/lounge area with seating for 40 guests. Alberello will be open from 11am – 8 pm, seven days a week. The café serves authentic casual Italian dishes, including panini, fresh pasta, roasted chicken and roast pork.

Alberello is a family business—Brendan is the chef for both the Oakleaf and Aberello kitchens; he cooks every day at both locations. Leslie manages the office and cherishes greeting guests on the dining room floor. Both hold the same philosophy on hospitality, so their service-oriented partnership, combined with a dedicated and hard-working staff, has resulted in both a thriving team and restaurants.

Not only proficient in the kitchen, Brendan excels at doing math in his head and seeks opportunities to share his vast knowledge of 80’s and 90’s pop culture. While Leslie enjoys more intellectual arguments, she consistently stops to save turtles (including snapping ones) and strays. Along with their two dogs, three cats and one betta fish, a few peacocks live on their property, too.

Brendan and Leslie look forward to introducing Alberello and its hospitality to the families of Chatham County and hopes it becomes an appealing gathering place to revel in food, share in conversation and, ultimately, create a new community.

Alberello Cafe & Market is located at 72 Chapelton Court, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Visit the Alberello website or call 984.234.3017 for more information.