At the Intersection of Trails, Roads, Food and Drink: Breakaway Café

01/26/21 07:00 AM By developer2

When Breakaway Café owners Andy Pignatora and Amy Coughlin met while working at a Buffalo, NY coffee shop, they didn’t know then they would one day open up their own café. In fact, Amy traveled to Africa and then Vermont before settling down together with Andy in Boston, MA. But what they did share was a love of the outdoors, biking and community.

The Breakaway concept was birthed in 2008 during a 7-day bike ride trip in Oregon with Amy’s Dad and a mere 2,000 other people. It was a mobile community centered around bikes, healthy food and great drinks. Everything about the experience resonated with Andy and Amy.

When the couple moved to North Carolina five years ago, and then to the Briar Chapel neighborhood, they knew it was the perfect locale for the Breakaway concept to blossom—with phenomenal trails and biking roads right outside their door. Andy and Amy’s goal? To create a community-centric space serving up healthy foods, craft drinks and a love of biking. And they have done just that.

Breakaway’s food options focus on the good stuff and leave out the bad stuff—no hormones, no antibiotics and no GMO. Meats are prepared in-house, guaranteeing they are ethically sourced. And who doesn’t love farm fresh eggs? Breakaway currently serves fresh food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Saturday as well as offering Sunday brunch.

Some of us could not imagine working as a husband-wife team, but Andy openly admits, “My wife is my rudder. I am good with direction, but I need help with execution. Amy puts a lot of energy into ensuring we are on track. For that, I am grateful.” If you have been to Breakaway, you know their team dynamic is working out quite well.

As outdoor enthusiasts, Andy and Amy both find Briar Chapel a great place to enjoy the outdoors and raise their children, twin six-year old girls. They jumped at the chance to be a part of Veranda because it is part of their Briar Chapel neighborhood, and they wanted Breakaway to join the community.

Similar to a football fantasy fanatic, Andy digs European bike racing. He’s guilty of spending Sunday mornings watching the races in Flemish on a questionable Internet feed from Belgium. Amy dedicates her spare time to running and fostering dogs. The family owns two Labs (one a foster fail) and has helped rescue over 16 dogs in the past 2 years.

Andy and Amy hope you will visit Breakaway Café and experience the fresh foods, craft beer, Counter Culture coffee and biking-inspired community for yourselves. A great experience awaits. And who knows? You may be inspired to go for a ride.

Breakaway Café is located at 58 Chapelton Court, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Call 984-234-3010 or email [email protected] for more information.